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Steel Mill

Proven reliable SKF-Lincoln Automated Centralized Lubrication (ACL) takes care of the demanding lubricating activities on critical bearings and moving parts during steel production.


Mining and Construction Machineries ACL

SKF-Lincoln ACL is globally recognized as one of the most dependable brand that protects and keep the moving parts lubricated under harsh working environment.


Automotive Industries ACL, Adhesive and Paint Booth Pumping Systems

We provide value for money solutions for SKF-Lincoln ACL and state-of-the-art
Sames-Kremlin Adhesive Pumping and Painting Technologies


Cement Mills ACL

Many SKF-Lincoln ACL had been installed worldwide into Cement Mills through OEMs
or retrofitting by SKF-Lincoln Authorized Distributors. Such installations are namely Open Gear Lubrication System, crusher lubrication, Inter-cooler moving parts lubrication, etc.


Food & Beverages Industries ACL

Most of the equipment in the F&B industries are
OEM fitted with SKF-Lincoln ACL. Essmart provide after-market services as well as
fitting new systems into existing
F&B production and
packaging machineries.


Glove Making Plants ACL

Essmart customized the Automated High Precision Spray Lubricating System for glove making conveyor chains that has been proven extending approximately 50% more of chain service life and savings on consumption of chain lubricant. Contributing to overall long-term cost savings to customers.