Lubrication Technology
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  • Powerlube
  • Whitmore
  QHI Rail
  Air Sentry
  • PGI

High Pressure Technology
  • Maximator
Corrosion, Scale & Paraffin Protection Technology
  • Enmax CPRS
  • KATS coating
Ultrasound Technology for plant maintenance
Gas Detection and Analysis Technology
  Envent Natural Gas     Measurement Technology
  Boreal Laser-based Gas     Detection Technology
High Pressure Technology - Maximator
High pressure pumping system (up to 20,000 bar) with precision control capability.
Maximator pumps
Maximator Air Amplifier
Maximator Gas Booster Station
Maximator Hydrostatic Tester with Gas
Maximator High Pressure Valves, Fittings and Tubes
Maximator High Pressure Tester with gas
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