Lubrication Technology
  • Lincoln
  • Powerlube
  • Whitmore
  QHI Rail
  Air Sentry
  • PGI

High Pressure Technology
  • Maximator
Corrosion, Scale & Paraffin Protection Technology
  • Enmax CPRS
  • KATS coating
Ultrasound Technology for plant maintenance
Gas Detection and Analysis Technology
  Envent Natural Gas     Measurement Technology
  Boreal Laser-based Gas     Detection Technology
Products & Services
Lubrication Technology:

  • Lincoln Lubrication Systems and Equipment
    - Workshop lubrication equipment and tools.
    - Automated Centralized Lubrication (ACL) Systems.
    - Mytivac automotive workshop pumps and tools.

  • Powerlube Single Point Lubricator
    - Best automatic lubricator for electric motors, pumps,       fans and isolated lube points.

  • Whitmore’s Specialty Grease and Lubricant
    - One of the oldest and well established lubricant and       grease manufacturer from USA.

  • QHI Rail Lubricator
    - Rail lubricator from UK, a subsidiary of Whitmore.

  • Air Sentry® Contamination Control Breather
    - Replace existing breather caps or air vents on fluid       holdings tanks, reservoirs or gearboxes.

  • PGI Valve Fittings, Instrument Valves and Fittings
    - Valve lubrication and sealant injection fittings.
    - Pressure Relief Tools.
    - Instrument Valve manifolds.
High Pressure Technology:

  • Maximator Air Driven Pumps
    - Hydrostatic testing system.
    - Wellhead Control Panel.
    - Gas booster.
    - Chemical injection pumps.
Corrosion, Scale & Paraffin Protection Technology:

  • Enmax CPRS Corrosion Prevention and Removal System
    - Water scale, paraffin wax and corrosion prevention &       removal via a 100% green technology.
    - Non-electrical, non-magnetic and non-chemical system.

  • KATS coating
    - Temporary and Permanent Coating.
    - Water based and eco-friendly coating chemical that       locks out rust and corrosion.
Ultrasound Technology for plant maintenance:

  • CTRL Ultrasound Technology for CBM and Energy     Savings
    - Ultrasound leak detection to conserve energy.
    - Bearing condition monitoring via Ultrasound.
    - Electrical arching ultrasound detection.
Gas Detection and Analysis Technology:

  • Leak Detection surveys with Scanning GasFinder2 system (CH4, CO2, CHG emissions monitoring)
  • Fixed Leak Detection installations with GasFinderMC (HF, H2S, CH4 leak detection)
  • Mobile Leak Detection with GasFinderAB
    • - Airborne and ground-based (CH4, CO2, etc.)

  • Specialised in Analytical Instrumentation.
    • - H2S Analyzers,
    • - Gas Chromatographs,
    • - Moisture, CO2 and O2 Analyzers.
    • - Airborne and ground-based (CH4, CO2, etc.)
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